Friday, May 23, 2008

So it begins...

So who is this asshole?

On the internet, I'm Papapishu mostly just the guy responsible for the Squadron of Shame, the 1UP community's bookclub for games. The idea is to take one's Pile of Shame, the shrink-wrapped pile of games that we haven't gotten around to playing or finishing, or games we never got around to buying, and to play them as a community. Psychonauts? Been there. Fatal Frame? We've done it. Odin Sphere? You betcha.

Recently we launched our "Squadcast", our podcast about the games we play. So far we've covered The Shivah (Dave Gilbert's adventure game starring a Rabbi), as well as Out of the World (a.k.a. Another World, the clasical platform/adventure game from 1991)

I've made a few attempts over at and Destructoid, but now I've decided to start my own blog. Don't get me wrong, both communities are great; but in both cases, your content isn't really yours to own. So, I'm going for blogspot.

Here's to another blog!

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